Ergonomics is good Economics: Solid ergonomics programs are always cost-effective; they save more than they cost.
— Ergonomics Department: Cornell University

The Problem


Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) can significantly impact your company and slowly eat at your bottom line. These aren’t just numbers on a screen; these affect you and your company.


2.3 million Canadians reported RSI symptoms within 1 year that resulted in activity limitations. - Statistics Canada Health Reports, 2003

$1.3 - $2.0 billion dollars are spent on RSIs per year in Canada. - Alberta Employment, Immigration & Industry  


37,000 lost work days from RSIs in Alberta during 2005. - WCB Alberta, 2005  

$10.5 million dollars were spent in Alberta on Workers’ compensation claims for RSIs in 2006. - WCB Alberta, 2006



The Solution

Implementing an ergonomics program that includes education, tailored assessments and use of ergonomic equipment, you could:

  1. Dramatically reduce your work related injuries and maximize health. - Amick et al, 2003
  2. Increase your employee productivity by 18% or more. - Amick et al, 2003  
  3. Significantly decrease your staff turnover. - Spilling et al, 1986



$1 investment in ergonomics = $17.50 return in productivity

Businesses thrive when they invest in their employees....this isn’t a new concept. However, research has shown that taking a proactive approach and combining it with an ergonomics program can directly impact what is spent on benefits, healthcare and WCB.

Investment in your employees, benefits your business.