It’s Time to Get Comfortable. 

It starts with aching in the forearm and wrist, or muscle tightness in your back that just doesn’t go away, or that headache that always seems to find you at the end of the day. All too often we ignorewhat our bodies are telling us and procrastinate in dealing properly with these symptoms. We think we can keep doing what we have been doing and they will disappear as insidiously and magically as they began. 

Don’t procrastinate! Think ahead. 

Ignored body symptoms become chronic issues that take 3-5 times more energy, time and money to resolve.  An individual office ergonomic assessment is your first line of defense to prevent or alleviate work related injuries. Evolve Ergonomics focuses on changing your postural and work habits, as well as your work environment. 

An Evolve Ergonomics Individual Office Ergonomic Assessment involves:

  • Ergonomic evaluation (observing work setting and habits), 
  • Injury prevention & ergonomic education (educating you on postural changes, injury prevention & management, as well as how to properly adjust your workstation), 
  • Workstation modifications (setting up your workstation to best fit you) and ergonomic equipment recommendations as needed, 
  • Office athlete training program tailored for you, and 
  • Individual office ergonomic report. 

We have often found that the smallest modifications in a workstation often make the biggest difference in comfort when working in your office. As a result, you can enjoy the benefits of a properly adjusted workstation, learn ways to prevent injuries and work more effectively. 

If you are comfortable, you can be more productive. Contact us.