Corporate Programs

It’s Time to Realize Potential.

You may not recognize or have an idea of how your talented workforce is being attacked.  Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) creep up on your employees and before they realize, it has become a disabling injury.

The problem is that most of your employees won’t know when to seek medical help or how to prevent work related injuries which are completely avoidable.

A corporate ergonomic program is a sound investment in your people.   An Evolve Ergonomics program manages the prevention and reduction of repetitive strain injuries in the work place through our specialized rehabilitation and prevention knowledge. A corporate program can include:

  • Audit processes (determines high priority areas for your program to target) 
  • Individual ergonomics assessments, 
  • Ergonomic education & seminars 
  • Equipment implementation and follow-up 
  • Furniture and equipment selection (for new and developing office space) 
  • Injury tracking/monitoring systems. 

We strive to create programs that are tailored to meet individual employee needs and your company standards of excellence. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary injuries, decrease body discomfort complaints, improve employee productivity and provide significant return on your organizations’ investment.  Ultimately, a corporate ergonomic program is an investment in an organization’s most valuable resource….its employees.

Call us to learn how we can create a customized corporate ergonomic program that is easy to put into action for your company.