We believe that reaching individuals in their work environments to prevent or minimize injuries can have a significant affect on their quality of life. Because after all, it is about balancing, optimizing and evolving our lives!


Evolve Ergonomics is about PEOPLE. It’s people that are the most valuable resource to you and your company; ergonomics is an investment in that resource. At Evolve Ergonomics, we connect with you and your employees to change how you think about your bodies and how you work. We look to make difference in people’s lives. 

Evolve Ergonomics is about PREVENTION. We have strong backgrounds in rehabilitation of work-related injuries. We strive to educate and empower you and your employees on how to stop unnecessary injuries from occurring in your office and industrial environments. Ultimately, as rehabilitation professionals we hate to see people suffering from needless pain. 

Evolve Ergonomics is about PRODUCTIVITY. We know that you have better things to do with your time than be distracted by pounding headaches, numb/tingling fingers or an aching back. We know that through ergonomics your work life and the work lives of your employees can be enhanced. 

Evolve Ergonomics is about PROFESSIONALISM. As rehabilitation professionals, we are held to high standards through a code of conduct that requires us to answer to a professional governing body. We go beyond good service to provide you with professional, educated opinions and solutions for your workplace.


From small to large customers. 

What a difference your improvements to my workstation have made; so much better!
I wanted to Thank you very much for all your hard work in making sure that I was taken care of and helping to relieve potential health issues.
— Fortis Alberta

Evolve's Consultants

Who make us tick

Simply, what sets us apart is our team of consultants.  Why?  We have depth and range of experience and education in ergonomics, health and safety, as well as being licensed professionals in rehabilitation medicine (Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists).  This means we have treated individuals with repetitive strain injuries in rehabilitation medicine clinics; whether it be carpal tunnel, rotator cuff syndrome or lumbar spine disc herniation.   We understand the biomechanics behind the injury and your body structure while applying this to your posture and how you work within your environment.  We have depth in understanding injury mechanisms and how ergonomic risk factors play into contributing to injury.  Due to the heart of who we are, we are passionate about preventative education and ensuring your space is functional for you while helping mitigate your risk of injury.


Jolene Kober, PT, BMR (PT), MSc.
CEO, Lead Ergonomic Consultant

As a physiotherapist, Jolene has extensive experience in rehabilitation of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and other work related injuries. She has observed and treated musculoskeletal injuries as a result of poor workstation set-up and ergonomic design. With a Master’s in Science, she has performed both biomechanical and human dynamic research through the University of Calgary and the University of Manitoba. This has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of how various environments and different body anthropometrics affect the dynamics of performing work.

If you want to get Jolene talking, ask her about water skiing, downhill skiing or just about anything that has to do with skiing! 


Ryan Montemurro, BMR OT (c)
Sr. Ergonomic Consultant

He is an Occupational Therapist with over 17 years of experience performing assessments in both industrial and office work environments, including assessments for the Workers’ Compensation Board, third party insurers and medical-legal cases.  He has additional knowledge in performing functional capacity evaluations, job demands analysis and post-offer evaluations. Ryan’s depth of experience in ergonomic consulting and rehabilitation allows him to provide tailored, quality preventative education and ergonomic strategies to minimize injuries that are a great benefit for our clients.

If you really want to learn something about music, talk with Ryan about the local indie music scene in Calgary and Canada or Sled Island.  He is quite the aficiando! 


Karen Martino, PT, B.Sc. PT

Occupational Health & Safety Certification
Sr. Ergonomic Consultant

Karen transferred her 17 years of practical clinic expertise into the area of Workplace Ergonomics.  As a clinical physiotherapist, she found that successful treatment outcomes of clients with work related issues were hampered by the static positions and repetitive stresses of their work, poor work positions, improper use of equipment and generally poor work habits.  Over the past 14 years in ergonomics, Karen has worked in both office and industrial settings, identifying the 'root causes' and providing cost effective, individualized solutions for clients.  Karen strongly believes that equipment is only a part of the ergonomics picture and she loves to educate individuals as to the important role they play in working pain free! 

Karen is also an avid orienteerer....which is a mouthful, but ask her about the rising sport and how exciting it can be to run off the trail!