It’s Time to Change Your Industry Standards.

Really understanding how a job gets done is critical to providing solutions that work.  We understand that being on the floor with industrial workers and digging into what they do, how they do it and why they do it opens up ideas for how tasks can be made easier and more ergonomic.

We know that managing an industrial workforce can be a tough and sometimes draining job. Reporting injuries, getting injured employees back to work, as well as making sure they are safely performing their job can be time-consuming and require critical, professional expertise. After all, don’t you want to ensure that your company isn’t just meeting your industry standards for health & safety! 

What if you had the missing links that brought your employees back to work safely, confidently and in an effective, timely way? I am sure this would give you fewer headaches and help you manage a more productive workforce. 

Here are some of the missing links that can help your company pull the puzzle together for your employees:

  • Physical Demand Assessments (PDAs) define the bona fide tasks and physical demands required in order to successfully perform a specific job. Without PDAs, you can’t have leading edge programs such as Post-Offer Employment Testing (POETs), Return to Work programs and Functional Capacity Evaluations. We have a PDA that gets the point across to create a strong foundation for your progressive health & safety programs. 
  • Return to Work Facilitation helps get your employees back to work. Unfortunately, most organizations do not monitor return-to-work programs as diligently as they should. This costs your company money through delayed decisions and return to work, or lack of progression in work demands. Evolve Ergonomics has the rehabilitation expertise to safely guide your employees back to work.
  • Industrial Rehabilitation involves having a trained physiotherapist/occupational therapist working onsite with your injured employee. Typically, injured employees that return to work forget necessary body mechanics they learn in rehab to perform tasks safely.
  • Industrial Athlete Coaching teaches your employee site/task specific body mechanics, safe ways to complete tasks more efficiently and techniques to reduce the risk of injury or re-injury. Ensuring your employees are confidently and safely returning to work saves your company needed time, productivity and money! 

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