It's Time to Evolve

It’s time to change the way you work. The way you think about work environments. The way you and your employees needs are valued. An estimated 2.3 million Canadians needlessly suffered from Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) in a single year. These injuries are preventable. Evolve Ergonomics’ focus is to help you intentionally change your posture and movements through modifying work environments and increasing your body awareness. This makes injury prevention effortless. For you; for your company.

To fail to evolve, is to fail utterly.
— Anon

Individual Ergonomic Assessments

This service is targeted at getting you comfortable in your work environment. 

Wouldn’t you like to be more comfortable in your office?

Corporate Ergonomic Programs

Are you investing in your company’s most valuable resource... your employees? 

Ergonomic programs can create significant ROI for your company.

IndustriaL Ergonomic Assessments

How can you manage the health & safety of your industrial workforce more effectively? 

Ergonomic industrial services can help create a strong foundation for keeping your employees healthy & safe.



Functional furniture with ergonomics at the forefront is a wise method to complete a healthy work environment. Let us guide you through great options to fit within your space.

Educational Seminars

How we think about our bodies, our awareness of posture and our work habits are critical to preventing work-related injuries. Dynamic and interactive seminars can be just the thing to get you and your employees positively changing.

Ergonomics is good Economics: Solid ergonomics programs are always cost-effective; they save more than they cost.
— Ergonomics Department: Cornell University

The Problem


Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) can significantly impact your company and slowly eat at your bottom line. These aren’t just numbers on a screen; these affect you and your company.


2.3 million Canadians reported RSI symptoms within 1 year that resulted in activity limitations. - Statistics Canada Health Reports, 2003

$1.3 - $2.0 billion dollars are spent on RSIs per year in Canada. - Alberta Employment, Immigration & Industry  


37,000 lost work days from RSIs in Alberta during 2005. - WCB Alberta, 2005  

$10.5 million dollars were spent in Alberta on Workers’ compensation claims for RSIs in 2006. - WCB Alberta, 2006



The Solution

Implementing an ergonomics program that includes education, tailored assessments and use of ergonomic equipment, you could:

  1. Dramatically reduce your work related injuries and maximize health. - Amick et al, 2003
  2. Increase your employee productivity by 18% or more. - Amick et al, 2003  
  3. Significantly decrease your staff turnover. - Spilling et al, 1986



$1 investment in ergonomics = $17.50 return in productivity

Businesses thrive when they invest in their employees....this isn’t a new concept. However, research has shown that taking a proactive approach and combining it with an ergonomics program can directly impact what is spent on benefits, healthcare and WCB.

Investment in your employees, benefits your business.