It’s Time to Change How We Think!

I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think
— Socrates

Ergonomics isn’t just about furniture, chairs and odd looking devices; it’s focused on changing how you think about your work posture, habits and environments.  Increasing awareness of how you work and discovering ways to decrease stress and strain on your body will allow you to perform at your best; both now and in the future!  

When you empower your employees with the knowledge to prevent injuries and create behavioral changes, there will be notable decreases in musculoskeletal symptoms and increasesin your company’s productivity.  

Evolve Ergonomics’ “Think Breaks” can be on various topics focused towards what your employees need to know from back care stretching and strengthening, injury prevention to ergonomics in the workplace and at home.  

These are a few examples of “Think Break” seminars: 

  • Office Ergonomics: How to Thrive in Your Work Space
  • Injury Prevention for the Office or Industrial Athlete 
  • Ergonomics & Work Place Trends
  • Form & Function: How the Human Body Relates to its’ Environment 
  • Back To Your Future: Stretching & Strengthening for Your Back 
  • Home Office: Simple Ergonomic Solutions 

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